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Clinical Pharmacy Service's Medication Therapy Management Programs


“Since we began our partnership with UMass Medical School, our comprehensive medication review completion rates have greatly improved. Their outreach strategies produce results that exceed industry standards, and their knowledgeable clinical pharmacy staff make appropriate recommendations on behalf of our members’ health care. We are fortunate to have UMass as our partner.” - Basem Shebli, Director of Pharmacy, Commonwealth Care Alliance (Serving 11,000 Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with complex medical needs)



We design medication management programs for broad population or for patients with specific diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Heart failure
  • Hepatitis
  • Hypertension
  • Mental health
  • Migraine management
  • Post-myocardial infarction care
  • Respiratory disease, asthma, and COPD

    Medication Therapy Management

    According to a 2013 American Pharmacists Association report, the average return on investment for medication therapy management (MTM) programs for payers is approximately 2:1 to 3:1. Initially, implementing an MTM program may show an increase in a member’s drug cost; however, long-term health outcomes are expected to improve with medication adherence, subsequently leading to an overall decrease in the member’s health care costs.

     Customized interventions

    The medication therapy management program at Clinical Pharmacy Services offers customized educational interventions to address medication adherence, underutilization, overutilization and inappropriate medication use. We can either develop and implement a program for you, or set one up that you can run with your own staff, as we did recently when we built a medication management program for a large state Medicaid program.

    Our medication therapy management programs, which can be directed toward patients, caregivers, prescribers, and/or pharmacies, include the following services:

    • Identify patients with specific disease states using sophisticated queries
    • Analyze prescribing trends to identify adherence issues and high risk medications
    • Provide culturally sensitive and easy-to-understand patient materials and medication education
    • Ensure that patients understand how to obtain and properly use their medications by using the "teach-back" method
    • Intervene and offer evidence-based and cost-effective medication recommendations designed to improve therapeutic outcomes
    • Communicate medication and lifestyle recommendations to the patient’s care team
    • Review disease states on a regular basis to ensure our recommendations reflect updated clinical guidelines

    Our CMR completion rates exceed industry standards

    Our motivated pharmacy team understands the importance of comprehensive medication reviews (CMR) and targeted medication reviews (TMR) for our patients. As such, they make great efforts to reach qualified members and provide them with comprehensive and complete medication assessments.

    Additionally, due to the language diversity amongst our team, we are able to conduct calls in over 15 languages, including: Spanish, Arabic, French, Creole, Russian, and Cantonese, among others.

    Motivational interviewing

    At Clinical Pharmacy Services, we go beyond simply evaluating patients’ drug profiles. The medication therapy management pharmacists in our call center apply motivational interviewing techniques to determine why your patients may be taking their medications improperly — or maybe not at all. This technique was particularly helpful when we collaborated with Northeastern University on a medication management program for a commercial managed care organization.

    Motivational Interviewing enhances our communication with patients and can make a difference in their health outcomes. Some benefits of incorporating motivational interviewing into the MTM encounter are that we can:

    • Identify each patient’s readiness to change behaviors
    • Work alongside the patient to build the relationship while gaining their buy-in and evoking change talk
    • Include call backs to follow up with patients to discuss successes and failures in implementing their behavior change

    Personal touch

    Our program isn’t just about sending letters or making a predetermined number of calls. We spend time on the phone with patients and help them understand how to follow through on their goals and address any of their concerns.

    We share evidence-based medication therapy recommendations with prescribers and contact them if we identify a high-risk issue with a member.

    CMS and medication therapy management requirements

    Evolving requirements set forth by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services for Part D MTM programs are an important reason to ensure that your program is operating ahead of the curve.

    Our customizable program model and Medicare experience make it easy for us to design an MTM program that complies with CMS rules and regulations as well as address your program’s specific needs. Call us and we can tailor a program to achieve your goals.